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Now Offering New Services- Osteopathy, R.Acupuncture and Reflexology!

Reminder to our valued clients, there is a small price increase on some of our Massage and Acupuncture services as of March 1st 2022. 

Covid-19 Update

We Remain Open!

As regulated health professionals, we have been deemed essential, and remain open during the province wide lockdown. We are so grateful to be able to continue to heal and help our community during this stressful time. Our masking mandate has been removed and it is now up to our clients and staff to choose if they would like to continue to wear a mask. We respect everyone's choices and are an inclusive clinic.

Enhanced Well-Being Through Massage Therapy and Alternative Medicine.

Meet the Team


At Village Roots Wellness, we believe in overall body health. Our treatments are a team approach. Our team roster includes Registered Massage Therapists,

Registered Acupuncturist/ TCMP, Osteopaths and Registered Reflexologist.  We will tailor your treatment plan and  work with you to achieve a balanced mind, body and soul.

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Tips for healthy insides, happy outsides and any Village Roots news.

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