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Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Pain?

You’re going to want to keep reading and get ready to tune in.

This will certainly be some “foot” for thought...

One of our massage therapists (Laura) recently suffered from what she thought was plantar faciitis. Of course she can’t be 100% sure because she wasn’t able to get in to see her doctor because of the pandemic.

But all the classic signs and symptoms were there.

Plantar faciitis is the inflammation and restriction of the tissue that connects the base of your toes to your heel bone. This condition can cause extreme pain in the heel and foot. Generally speaking, the pain is worse in the morning or after long periods of inactivity. It can present as a severe stabbing pain in the heel, but can also be felt throughout the rest of the foot.

Plantar facia is there to help absorb shock and support the arch in our foot. When this tissue gets damaged, it can cause plantar faciitis.

Laura does a lot of deep tissue massage and spends a lot of time on her tippy toes, so she can use her body weight to apply pressure during treatment. When the shutdown first happened and she was no longer doing massage for a long time, the pain in her feet started. The repetitive stress from being on her toes all day long had seemed to cause a severe tightening, leading to inflammation and pain. When her feet got a break, it made the tightening worse.

Laura is always proactive with homecare and decided she needed to find a way to aggressively treat this issue at home - and fast. Every morning, each step was becoming agony.

Well, Laura is a great therapist and she found a way. Within a week of treatment the foot pain and tightness had dramatically dissipated.

She used 3 simple steps to cure her feet.

No one can tell the story better than her so stay tuned and keep an eye out for a video of what she did on July 1st.

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with the gift of happy feet!

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