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Your complete protocal in one place. You will get the protocol, smooch cup, dry brush, coffee scrub and moisturizer. Everything you need to be on your way to; tighter, smoother skin. This protocol has more than cosmetic, superficial benefits. It also works on a deeper muscular and conective tissue level. After you're done the first at home treatment its going to feel like you just gave your body a nice warm hug. Trust me when I tell you this protocal is a real treat.

SMOOCH Box (cellulite treatment)

  • SMOOCH - 4 Easy Steps to:

    - Increase Circulation 

    - Reduce Scar Tissue

    - Reduce Muscle Tension

    - Remove Fascial Restrictions

    - Lymphatic Drainage

    - Increases Collagen

    - Smooth Appearance of Cellulite

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